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Trading Leverages


In Forex trading, using leverage gives traders the ability to make large trades with a limited amount of money. NatureForex currently chooses to offer the flexible leverage to all clients and changes the maximum amount of financial leverage to be 1:1000 on Forex trading accounts.

Each Account will have their default leverage according to the amount in their balance. And the leverage will be automatically adjusted up or down due to the updated balance amount of your trading account in real-time.

For example, if customer’s balance is $700, his leverage will be set up at 1:700 due to our system. After trading and closing orders, customer makes a P/L of +$500 and the new balance is $1200, then his new leverage will be changed to 1:500 at that time.

The following table will show the value of the financial leverage based on the different ranges of balance in the account.

    Important Notes:
  • When the new leverage is applied, customer should log out and then log in again to refresh their MT4 client platform. If customer does not follow the step, they will not view the change in margin/ leverage in their MT4 client platform.
  • At NatureForex, the balance changes when customer makes any deposits, withdrawals or closes orders.
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