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About Social Trading


Social Trading - Trading forex has never been easier

Why Social Trading?


Earning Profit with the least effort

New traders do not need to spend a lot of time to learn forex before actually starting trading. In other words, thanks to the community’s wisdom, traders can now earn more and loose less.


Sharing & Learning

Being a member of the community, you can learn from other’s experience and strategies as well as share yours with others. As a result, you can improve your trading skills more effectively and efficiently than researching on your own.


Earning a second income

Being a signal provider can earn you a considerable 2nd income as a copy-trader (copier) has to pay 10% profit of a trade to the signal provider whose trade he/ she copied. (Note: signal provider only receives a commission when his/ her trade helps a copier to win.)


No dealer's intervention

Since all trades are copied directly, no one can intervene in your trades. We make sure all trades are transparent and fair for you.


Advance Trading platform

NatureForex offers you an advanced and user-friendly trading platform making forex trading an exciting and worthwhile experience for any investor.


Trade with friends & make more friends

Our social trading platform allow trader to share their trading information and portfolios on other social networks, such as FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus to invite your friends to trade with you, and also to make more friends who share the same trading interest.

Who can join Social Trading?

ANYONE, including experienced traders (pilot traders), newbie and more. Pilot traders trade on social trading network to earn more money, share and gain more knowledge. While newbie utilize it to earn profit earlier without taking a long time practicing with demo account, and to learn from experts at the same time. Traders who are sociable would also love our platform as they can chitchat and trade with friends at the same time