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Trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies


Due to their great volatility and price swings, cryptocurrencies are acknowledged by institutions as valuable potential assets for both speculation and investment.

NatureForex offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as trading instruments for you to take advantage of.

Why Trade Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies with NatureForex?

Functions Of The Trading Central Technical Analysis Indicator In Metatrader 4:

0% Deposit Fee

No Dealing Desk

Leverage up to 1:100

No margin charged for opened opposite position.

Trade 8 instruments on NatureForex jTrade platform

Competitive alternative investment besides Forex, Metals, etc.

Attractive spreads & zero re-quotes

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a crypto wallet to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrences with NatureForex?

No need. When you trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with NatureForex, you're basically speculating on their price movement relative to another currency. You need no actual bitcoins or altcoins to trade them. Therefore, you don't need a crypto wallet to trade.

Can I short cryptocurrencies with NatureForex?

Yes. With NatureForex, you can make both buy and sell trades on current cryptocurrency CFDs and all that may be offered in the future.

What time are cryptocurrencies available for trading in NatureForex?

Please refer to the last column of the table below for trading schedule of NatureForex's cryptocurrency instruments.

Which platforms does NatureForex offer for crypto trading?

As of now, NatureForex allows crypto trading on NatureForex jTrade and MT4 only.

Trading Specifications

Symbol Description Contract Type Contract Size Digit Minimum/Maximum Lot Lot Step Minimum Spread Maximum Leverage Swap Trading Session (GMT+9)
BTCUSD_Z17 Bitcoin vs USD Future 1 2 1/20 1 2000 1:100 No 24/7
BTCJPY_Z17 Bitcoin vs JPY Future 1 0 1/20 1 2000 1:100 No 24/7
ETHBTC_Z17 Etherium vs Bitcoin Future 1 5 1/20 1 75 1:50 No 24/7
LTCBTC_Z17 Litecoin vs Bitcoin Future 1 5 1/20 1 50 1:33 No 24/7
XMRBTC_Z17 Monero vs Bitcoin Future 1 6 1/20 1 850 1:25 No 24/7
XTZBTC_Z17 Tezos vs Bitcoin Future 1 6 1/20 1 30 1:2 No 24/7
ZECBTC_Z17 Zcash vs Bitcoin Future 1 6 1/20 1 3500 1:5 No 24/7
XBTUSD Bitcoin vs USD Spot 1 2 1/20 1 2000 1:100 At the end of business day 24/7


The swap fee is calculated by base currency.

For all symbols, the spreads will be floating from the rates shown in the above table.

We offer market execution orders

Margin calculation:

Margin = lots*contract size*market price*(200/100)/leverage. Example: Customer trade 1 lot SP500, contract size is 50, with leverage 1:200 and market price at opening time of SP500 is 1988.50 Margin = 1 * 50 * 1988.50 *(200/100) / 200 = 994.275 USD

No additional margin is charged when an opposite position is opened

How to Start Trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies with NatureForex?


Open a NatureForex Live Account


Open your NatureForex jTrade platform


Double-click on any of the eight crypto instruments from the “Market Watch” to open an order for this instrument.