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Auto Reset Balance Program


Determining the mission to give traders opportunities in every second, NatureForex has developed an “Auto Reset Balance program” for negative “Balance” to not only share the opportunities but also share the losses with traders. The most advantage from this program is that all clients will never face a negative balance when they trade with us. It means that traders are prevented from entering into debt. This protection act works to reduce the risk which guarantees to limit to only the funds that clients have deposited into their account.


According to the Auto Reset Balance program, if your balance falls below Zero, then both Balance and Credit of the trading account will automatically be reset to zero by NatureForex. We will automatically close out your positions.
The whole process is executed in real-time therefore NatureForex’s clients do not need to send any query or form to NatureForex to reactivate the account. Traders only need to make a new deposit and continue trading instantly without worrying about such issues as freezing platform or unexpected inactivated account.

Auto Reset for Negative Balance Policy

Your trading account includes “Balance”, “Credit” and “Equity”.
When your “Balance” reaches negative level, both “Balance” and “Credit” will be reset to zero and customer could deposit and trade immediately.

*Term and Condition

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion to restore a negative balance on one of the Customer’s accounts at the expense of the funds available on the Customer’s other trading account or ask customer to cover their total negative balance regardless of market conditions.”