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About NatureForex


The best broker coming from Japan

NatureForex is an international broker which provides financial and investment services worldwide. Our company specializes in FX, Metals, Indices, Oil, Social Trading and Binary Options.

Why located our headquater in Belize?

Althogh headquaterd in Belize, Latin America, all of our shareholders, managers and executives are Japanese. This is since we can better serve our customers' interest compared to having setup in Japan. Further, being in Belize intrinsically allows us to communicate with more international customers and provide our serivce to all around the world.


We think that for all Forex transactions, a risk hedging mechanism is something necessary to protect your assets for long-periods against market fluctuations. That said, due to the intrinsic issues that come with financial products, short-term trading methods tend to have a large portion of traders losing money compared with those who end with more money. Thus, we would like to alleviate such risks by offering a risk hedging mechanism platform.

With NatureForex, you are able to leverage at the highest rates, just below the point of reverse trading through stop-outs. In addition, for short-term traders, we would like to provide a platform so that our trading partners may have high successes in their trading. During many years operating in the field, we offered various products, but traders were still not able to have high success rates regardless of high bonuses and low spreads.

Then we realized that Social Trading is the answer for our problems. Social Trading is very similar to using mutual funds to trade with traders that are seeing success, and keeping winning with the trader a mutual partnership. Of course, this is not a fail-proof system, and there will be losses; but in the end, if this system brings forth more wins, then that is in itself proof that this tool is something special and enticing. We are working diligently in readying the system, and will be providing the service in due time.

Trading is in itself an impersonal activity. We hope to be able to introduce a friendlier atmosphere into Forex trading so that our trading partners will be able to fully enjoy asset management. To keep you smiling that is our goal. Your happiness will surely bring us happiness too.

We look forward to being happy with you.

Our Global Market