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About Binary Options


Making profit in every second

Within a short period of time during the day, you can earn high returns in Binary Options. It provides a simple alternative to trading on spot market for experienced traders as well as newbie. All you have to do is predict whether the price of an instrument will move above or below the target price quoted by NatureForex. If you are correct, then you make a profit; if you are wrong, then you lose the amount you have speculated. They are the easiest, simplest and fastest instruments enabling traders to access and react quickly to fast-moving markets today.

Why Binary Options?


It's Simple & Interesting

No spreads, no commission, no margin for trading. You only place an order within 3 simple steps.


Minimum investment is $3

You can choose any size of investment: minimum amount is $3 and maximum amount is $100 per trade.


Ideal for day traders

Because of the benefit from short term fluctiations in market movements.


Low risk / High return

You control the risk & never lose more than your investment. Furthermore, potential to earn between 50% to 400% of your initial investment.


Quick payout

From three to ten minutes. And any profits you make are yours to keep it full


No download requirement

With Binary Options Webstrader, you can trade from any computer wherever you are in the world.

Easy to trade within 3 steps


Step 1: Choose the symbol to trade


Step 2: Choose the amount of investment


Step 3: Predict the direction